A note from the creative entrepreneur behind IQ Container Homes;

Hi There,

My name is Brenda Kelly and while I’m an everyday Jane Doe, I like to think outside the box, or perhaps some would say photo“inside the box”. From a young age I have been passionate about design and optimising small spaces.

A born and bred Kiwi with DIY in the blood, when I was 19 years old I designed a campervan layout with innovative storage solutions and practical furniture applications and with my Dad’s assistance turned this dream design into a reality. The result was fantastic and I had no shortage of friends when it came to heading away camping!

Throughout my student days I lived in a tiny, damp flat which helped me develop an appreciation for the importance of natural light, ventilation and insulation. It also taught me to apply innovative thinking, practical furniture layout & find or create storage solutions for every nook and cranny.

The moral of the story is, over the years I have learnt what works and what doesn’t when it comes to small spaces. With this knowledge you’d be amazed how a small space can be transformed into a liveable, modern home with all the creature comforts you’ve come to love. Size does not equal compromise!

A home should be an asset not a liability. Somewhere safe, comfortable, sustainable and affordable. I have personally designed the layouts on offer and consulted with experts to ensure IQ Container homes tick all these boxes.

I am so confident I walk the talk and live in my own container home which doubles as a display home. This home had been awarded an 8 Homestar rating, independent verification of the high level of health, efficiency and sustainability our homes offer.

Come visit me and see first-hand an IQ Container Home – the smart solution.