A note from the creative entrepreneur behind IQ Container Homes;

Hi There,

My name is Brenda Kelly and from a young age I have been passionate about design and space optimisation.

With home ownership a childhood dream, like many people today, faced with increasing land and housing costs, I was forced to abandon the historical quarter acre dream and think more about my actual needs and what was achievable.


From my student days of living in a tiny, damp flat, I had developed an appreciation for the importance of natural light, ventilation and insulation. I’d also learnt to apply innovative thinking, practical furniture layout and storage solutions for every nook and cranny.  Size does not have to equal compromise!

Armed with this knowledge I set about researching and investigating small home options. A home should be an asset not a liability. Somewhere safe, comfortable, sustainable and affordable. It wasn’t long before I discovered container homes ticked all my boxes. While kitting out a container is not as cheap or easy as some would believe, they provide a structurally sound, low maintenance, durable shell within which to construct a home.

After managing to secure a difficult but affordable steep bush clad section, I first started with a second hand container, and with my dads help, I built a small off-grid prototype to gain experience and test materials while I developed my slightly larger main container home. You can read more about my first “Tiny Container Palace” journey and construction here.

After a few years of research and development including extensive liaison with local council, I was gaining a reputation for being an expert in container based design and construction and was encouraged to pursue things further, so, long story short, in 2012 IQ Container Homes Ltd (IQCH) was born.

Fast forward several years and IQCH have several standard designs, all smaller quality homes with practical layouts and indoor outdoor flow. You’d be amazed how a small space can be transformed into a livable, modern home with all the creature comforts you’ve come to love. Their below average footprint makes them more affordable, sustainable and able to conform to smaller sites. 

My first main container home was a build for myself in West Auckland. I’m proud to say this build achieved an 8 Homestar rating, independent verification of the high level of health, efficiency and sustainability it offers.  I loved living here for 4 years prior to being drawn to the majestic region of Taupo where I have built and moved into another of my container creations, so I guess you could say, I like to walk the talk.

Clients are welcome to visit me at my centrally located Taupo home if they wish to visit a container home in the flesh. Viewing is by appointment.

In addition to our standard designs we also undertake larger custom designs and commercial projects. We partner with NZ qualified experienced builders with an emphasis on quality and service. We pride ourselves on each and every project and customer satisfaction.  If your dream involves containers, my team and I are here to help

Please get in touch and let us know how we can help with your container based project