Being passionate about container homes, I like to walk the talk.

I started this journey residing in a < 10m2 off-the-grid prototype built using a 2nd hand container while I awaited the consent and build of my larger container home which doubles as a display model. The original prototype allowed me to experience the build process hands on and test the effectiveness of the insulation, rainwater collection system, solar panels, batteries, water and gas consumption to verify the material selection.

I’m proud to say so I loved it! I did push the limits and will admit to running low on water in summer and power in winter, a good lesson to learn and one I have been able to combat in future models by increasing the capacity of solar system, water and battery storage.

You can check out a tour of this model online courtesy of

If you’d like more details on how this model was constructed, you can purchase our Tiny Container Palace E-book