Please note: We will be temporarily suspending our build offering from October 2020 to have a well deserved break but are still available to assist with Container Home design and consenting on a consultancy basis 

Click here to download our standard info brochure including indicative pricing as at July 2020:
IQ Container Homes – Info Brochure inc Pricing

Small Home

  • Affordable with low running costs
  • Low maintenance, more time for you!
  • Ideal for singles or couples
  • Great first home. Can add on additional room if/when require more space or on-sell and remove when ready to upsize

Bach / Holiday Home

  • Designed with indoor outdoor flow in mind
  • Suitable for coastal areas
  • Furnish with Innovative dual purpose furniture and beds to accommodate several people
  • Minimal foundations required meaning a practical solution for difficult sites such as steep bush clad sections

Granny Flat / Secondary dwelling

  • Delivered fully constructed minimising construction traffic and site disturbance
  • Crane can manoeuvre into difficult to access sites, lift over fences etc
  • Minimal ongoing running costs
  • Long and slim suits most sections


  • Small and easily maintained
  • Healthy environment through superior insulation & eco-friendly materials
  • As a Lifemark accredited partner we can design and construct according to universal design standards, incorporating the likes of level entries, added security features and grab rails

There will be a higher incidence of older people who will be taken into care by their families and this might require the adaptation of an existing house to incorporate accommodation (such as a granny flat) that provides for the older generation’s needs while maintaining a sense of independence and ownership.

Temporary or Seasonal Accommodation

  • Low lead times
  • Easily and affordably transported & re-located
  • Minimal set-up costs and foundations required
  • Safe and secure

Businesses or Office

  • Locate in your back yard and run your business from home
  • Can be fully branded in your company imagery
  • Transportable, take with you when you move
  • Suitable as a site office, lunch room & amenities block for construction sites etc

Motel / Lodge

  • Environmentally responsible
  • Easily transported
  • Modular – can grow as you go
  • Suitable for majority of climates

According to a study from the Travel Industry Association, 87% of travelers would be more likely to stay at green properties.

Apartment blocks

  • Structurally sound, allows for stacking up to 9 high
  • Standard layout offers exterior uniformity
  • Quick construction time
  • Ideal for students or young professionals

Self-Sufficient Living

  • Photovoltaic system upgrade available inc battery storage and backup generator for off the grid living
  • Composting, cassette or water-less  toilet available which will decrease water consumption by 25%
  • Additional water tank with filter system can provide all water needs (depending on rainfall and occupancy)

Floating Homes

  • An IQ Container Home on a floating pontoon
  • Suitable for Marina berths, sheltered lakes, rivers or estuaries

Tiny Homes

  • An IQ Container Home on a trailer

Please be aware of weight restrictions for legally towing