IQ Container Homes do not cut corners when it comes to using quality, safe, environmentally responsible methods and materials.  Our Auckland based display home was the first of its kind to achieve an 8 Homestar rating.

Refer below for our standard inclusions and optional upgrades. 

We also have experience in complete off-grid solutions should you require this

Standard features in all models:

Eco-Friendly Construction

Interior is lined with environmentally friendly plywood or plasterboard. Low VOC paint is used throughout, LED lighting and energy efficient appliances such as the energy star certified dishdrawer minimises energy consumption.  Our specialist foam insulation is made from recycled plastic bottles and soy based polymers. Offsite construction reduces waste and environmental impact.

Comfortable Temperature

High windows allow for cross ventilation enabling healthy airflow without compromising privacy or security. Kitchen and bathrooms are externally vented. Double glazed windows and superior Insulation that exceeds building code requirements ensures a comfortable temperature can be maintained year round minimising the need for additional heating and cooling

Optional upgrades:

Photo-voltaic Systems

Solar panels can be attached to the roof to capture sunlight and turn it into energy.  A grid connected system allows you to sell back excess energy to your electricity supplier and draw from them in times of low light, minimising your bill while ensuring you never run out of power


Where access to power is unavailable or cost prohibitive, we can also design and supply an off-grid solution including battery bank and backup generator

Rainwater Harvesting

We can also fit a 1000l water tank which collects rainwater from the roof and recycles it for use in toilet flushing and laundry washing, which account for approximately 45% of household water use. This reduces your water bill and site storm-water runoff something council are increasingly aware off.

In times of drought mains water is used to top up the tank so you will never run out.


We can also arrange and install lager tanks to supply whole of house use where required